Product Updates

We release updates regularly. Here are the latest ones.


We've made a huge update to Clarify, which you'll get to enjoy the second you log in. We've completey redesigned the entire application from the inside and out.

You'll notice a much cleaner experience with a simplified way to add your achievements and skills. When you first log in you'll see we've now added a one-step process to adding your achievements, making it faster and simpler to keep your day moving. We've also added an Achievements Stream, where you can see what other Members are achieving publicly.

We've now added Profiles, where you'll find all of your achievements, skills, work experience, and education all in one place. In the future you'll be able to apply to jobs with Clarify by submitting your profile and achievements.

We've also done some cleaning up and removed some of the things we know we can do better but at a later time: Evaluations and Clarify Insights™ Beta. We're focused on making achievement a breeze and ensuring you're delivering time-bound measurable achievements. Our new update reflects this.


You can now add your Skills and access a completely redesigned Dashboard which now includes the latest curated tips and career experiences from around the web.

We've also released Clarify Insights™ Beta which provides a better understanding of how far your compensation really takes you when taking inflation into account.


You can now signup/login or connect your account with LinkedIn. I've you've previously created an account on Clarify you can click on the 'Connect Account' button to link your LinkedIn account with your Clarify account.

You'll immediately notice your account will be updated with your LinkedIn profile picture.


We're excited to announce the release of Clarify 1.0! Over the last several weeks we've worked thru several iterations on the overall look and feel, rearranged some of the positioning of key features, and released a simple yet comprehensive onboarding process both for desktop and mobile. We recently released a new mobile signup experience which is light, compact, and it delivers the most important information on one screen.


We're releasing another substantial update that includes mobile signup and mobile friendly user onboarding. A large portion of web traffic was coming from mobile, so we've optimized for this.

Some of the added functionality and fixes available right now:
Signup and create an account via mobile web
Mobile friendly user onboarding flow
Added clickable menu on desktop for easy navigation to Account page or Logout
Fixes in layout, design, and account support links
Removed 'What's New' welcome screen


We've just released a minor update to our Alpha version.

Some of the added functionality and fixes available right now:
Added calculated percent difference to prior year wages in 'Compensation'
Added conditions to email and password fields at login and signup screens
Overhauled 'Subscribe' page with clearer messaging and Features detail
Moved the Evaluation Checklist to the Evaluations section
Updated the 'Dashboard' page with a new Compensation summary and font color changes


We've just released an update to our Alpha version and this one's a big one!

Some of the functionality available right now:
Schedule an Evaluation
Delete an Evaluation
Ability to log your compensation and job title dating back to 2011
Visualize your compensation trends via a simple line graph
Added a user account page
Ability to delete your account
Ability to turn on/off 'Smart Reminders'
Achievements are now sorted in descending order by date of achievement
Added a 'What's New' welcome screen with a brief on improvements and bug fixes
Darkened the headers throughout the platform
Removed the 'Add an Achievement' popup, now you can add one right from your dashboard
Added a logout button, as it was accidentally removed


We've just completed the Alpha version of Clarify, right now it's open for limited testing to just a handful of users.

Some of the limited functionality available right now:
Sign up with email
Easily remain logged in even when closing the page or browser
Dashboard with all logged achievements displayed
Ability to add new achievements
Ability to delete achievements