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We're launching Clarify: Achievement journaling and career management for all

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We're launching Clarify: Achievement journaling and career management for all

Actionable data and transformational tools to help you launch and manage your career.

About a month ago we wrote explaining we were dusting off and taking on an old side-project of ours that was near and dear to us at the time, three years ago in 2015.

Today we can write that after 10 weeks we have a functional working version of our original vision available on the web for everyone to use. We've managed to execute the core of our vision minus all of the bells and whistles that truly complete the service, nonetheless at some point you need to stop building, ship, and start engaging.

So why are we building Clarify?

It’s a personal story, but it’s one that over time has allowed us to help others gain some ground in their own battle for fair wages.

After reviewing several dozen résumés a few years back and doing our fair share of scanning thru LinkedIn, we realized many of us — thru no fault of our own — have not received the proper guidance in crafting a résumé much less salary negotiations. We’re launched into the professional world without much training from our secondary schools or universities and we’re often left on our own to figure out how to negotiate a car purchase, how to negotiate a salary, how to put together a resume, etc.

Many of us rely on web searches for help us do these things, some pay a hefty price for career coaches and professionals to review and craft their résumés, others use résumé builders or a simple template from Word, Pages, or Docs.

Something we picked up over time and thru our own personal experiences is that in our résumés many of us include our job descriptions or a few one liners on tasks that we were responsible for while on the job, but we never really include our professional achievements or those of the teams we’re a part of; and we much less discuss them at our performance reviews.

Where does Clarify come in?

We make Achievements front and center, because ultimately you’re measured on what you’ve proven you can do, and not so much on your job description.

As you navigate through your career you can use Clarify to log any Achievements you’ve made (Did you pick up another $4 million in new business this year? or did you create a killer Excel algorithm for HR analytics?) and save them come time for your performance review, job interview, or to simply update your résumé.

Some of the things you can quickly expect from Clarify:

  • 📅 You can use Clarify to schedule your Evaluations and receive smart reminders of their due date thru four time-based email alerts.
  • 🎉 Log your Achievements, classify them for easy search, and use our Evaluation checklist to make sure you’re well prepared.
  • 💰 Log your Compensation for measured trends and benchmarking against other users in similar functions across Clarify. (Coming soon!)
  • 📗 Complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that you can include as part of your annual Evaluation preparation.
  • 🖨 Export and share your Achievements and IDP, be interview ready within seconds.

With Clarify you’ll be prepared for your next performance review and able to tell your boss exactly what value you’ve created. You can finally engage in a two-way conversation, and not so much your boss’s way.

Part of the problem with the lack of real wage growth is our lack of experience in negotiating salaries. We often times accept the $0.25 or 2.5% raise and carry on, did you know you’re potentially leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars behind by not negotiating your salary?

Communicating your Achievements goes a long way in demonstrating the value you create and it brings front and center the discussion of your personal valuation and, ultimately touches on, well… fair pay.

The guiding vision with Clarify is to empower you with enough actionable data to help you launch and manage your career, not just Evaluation time.

Where are we today?

For now the very first Beta version is out 🎉, with limited functionality but with enough built-in to start taking on several users interested in testing the service. All features, including those on the paid plan, are absolutely free while in Alpha and Beta testing.

If you’re interested in being one of the early users click here ✉️, submit your email address, and I’ll personally be in touch with you soon to help you get set up.

You’ll be a great help in making sure everything is functional and all bugs are squashed before the official release. 🎈🎊

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