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Moving on from Retail: How to transition?

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Moving on from Retail: How to transition?

You've decided it's time to move on from the world of Retail or you've decided to find a better opportunity with upward mobility and better pay, no matter your reason we've got you covered with just a few steps to get you on your way.

If you're a recent graduate you've likely worked your fair share of Retail and if you're currently in Retail, you likely realize the best path forward is likely, moving on to corporate or anywhere away from the whirlwind you likely think you're in.

  • Write down your goals. As you consider your options be sure to write down your professional goals, where do you see yourself in 2 to 5 years, sure things change and plans are often times tossed out the window, but it's better to have a plan than no plan at all. Jotting down your goals helps you begin the process of actualizing them.
  • Get your resume ready. This one is easier said than done, with countless career coaches and resume writing services abound, you're likely to question whether you need a NASA Astronaut to help you here, not necessarily. We'll break this down into a few points.
  • Skills, skills, skills. Explore your Skills, adding all of the skills you’ve gained during your time in retail, but ensuring they are also relevant for your desired new position. You can use Clarify to strengthen your key competencies and skills with training tasks and due dates. Choose from over 40 different Skills and Competencies or create your own. Whichever option you choose, you'll likely be one step ahead of your peers.
  • List your key achievements. We've written a great piece on narrowing in on your professional achievements, but in a gist, providing measurable and specific achievements can provide you, your manager, and/or potential employer with insight into the results that you've delivered while creating value for your organization.
  • Explore the job market. Now that you've got your resume in hand and settled on your goals you can explore the job market for positions that align closely with these goals. You can use some of the more common place resources such as LinkedIn and Career Builder, or you can take a more focused approach by using job boards such as NicheBoard and others.

There's also the posibility that staying in retail can provide you with better advancement opportunitites, such as moving up the ladder as a Department Manager, Zone Manager, Store Manager, while eventually allowing you to transition into a corporate job with your retailer's home office.

Whatever route you decide to take use these steps to get you started and on your way to transitioning out of retail.

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