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It's a journey not a destination

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It's a journey not a destination

We started building Clarify back in November 2018, with a full beta release late-February 2019, and throughout the process it's been all about the steady journey with discoveries at every turn. The best way I could probably describe it is like being on a train looking at and enjoying the scenery without much worry about the final destination.

Thus far the last seven months have been a steady journey, we've crossed the 215 user mark, started work on our Affiliate Program, held discussions with several Career Coaches, and built a product that people like. We launched a weekly newsletter with the latest career tips curated from around the web, which has brought our open rate to a 33.6%, above average by newsletter standards.

We've seen users come back to use Clarify on average once a week, which is great to see, considering that for the time being Clarify is a low touch product.

We redesigned Clarify, which brought a much needed refresh, expanded colors, added photography and content from our newsletters all on one screen. We changed the way achievements are managed, by adding the ability to share your achievements in public to Twitter and LinkedIn. Lastly, we released Clarify Insights™ Beta which allows professionals to measure their compensation against inflation, and see exactly just how far their raises really take them once inflation is taken into account.

It all starts with achievements

Everything in Clarify starts and ends with achievements, as we spend an average of 4.2 years with any one employer and the continued rise of freelancing and remote work persist, the career ladders of decades past are slowly being eroded, leaving professionals with few if not any options for managing their careers. As we move about our jobs and into our careers, what we do to create value becomes more important than ever, because it is how we will get the next interview, or negotiate the next salary.

As silly as it may sound, yes achievements matter. As we continue down this journey you'll see how achievements will become even more important to everything Clarify.

In the coming weeks and months we'll be adding new ways to manage and share your achievements.

Your feedback matters.

When you're building a product by yourself it's very difficult to get a good handle on how a product performs, why it's performing, or how it should perform. Over the coming days you should see an email from Clarify asking for your feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Your feedback will ultimately help us ensure we’re always driven by your professional needs.

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