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Discussing your pay increase and how to request it

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Discussing your pay increase and how to request it

Show your boss the value you’ve created, discuss growth opportunities.

We've put together this brief post to highlight one of the ways in which you discuss your pay raise and how to go about requesting it.

One very simple piece of advice: don't demand it.

Instead come prepared to your next performance review, do you have a list of achievements? Things you’ve accomplished for your employer that has created value? It can be anything from “reduced out-of-stocks by 10% in Q2” to “Launched a new customer service initiative that drove customer satisfaction by 12%”.

What I’ve put together in my past experience, and what you can implement with Clarify is Achievement journaling. I’ve logged all of my achievements, and at my performance reviews I highlight my accomplishments… what I’ve personally done to create value.

Why is this important?

  • First, it’s a subtle way to transition the conversation to your “worth”;
  • Second, you are reminding your boss of what you do and what you bring to the table each and every day;
  • Third, you make it a two-way conversation with your employer. Your boss isn’t the only one prepared.

I would highly encourage taking the approach above, it’ll provide “proof” of your value to the organization and make the pay raise conversation much more natural.

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