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Actionable data and transformational tools to help you launch and manage your career.


Log your achievements and track them so that you can easily update your résumé and be prepared for your next interview or performance review.

It's time you wrote them down.

Track the value you create

Remember that corporate partnership you closed last quarter? Did you introduce a new brand this year? Did your team rollout a new customer service initiative that drove customer satisfaction?

Make them SMART Achievements

Use the SMART method and turn "Responsible for budgeting" into "Responsible for leading the budgeting process company-wide, worth $30M in annual revenue"

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Be prepared with your own Evaluation Report. At the end of each quarter you'll receive a PDF export that neatly summarizes your Achievements, includes your upcoming Evaluation, snapshots your current Compensation, and includes the top Competencies and Skills found in your Individual Development Plan.

Export to PDF

Be interview ready in seconds with your Clarify Report, all of your data fully exportable to PDF. Your manager won't be the only prepared at this year's performance review.

What matters most

Quickly and tactfully discuss the areas in which you've created value for your organization and naturally transition the conversation to your compensation situation, career development, and much more.


Use Clarify Insights™ to track your pay increases and job changes, and benchmark your pay against changes in cost of living. We'll help you identify trends and opportunities for wage growth.

Did you know? Not negotiating your salary could cost you $750,000 throughout the life of your career.


We use the CPI (Consumer Price Index), the most widely used measure of inflation, to benchmark your current compensation against changes in the market.

See just how far your money really takes you and be prepared for your next compensation negotiation.

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Use Clarify to build your Individual Development Plan and strengthen your key competencies and skills with training tasks and due dates.

Show your boss what you can do and kickstart the conversation on where you want to go.

Make it your own

Choose from over 40 different Skills and Competencies or create your own. Whichever option you choose, you'll be one step ahead of your peers.

Clarify at a glance

You can start with the basics and grow with all of the necessities covered.

Unlimited Achievements

Track the value you create. Log your professional achievements, all of them.

Evaluation Scheduling

Schedule your Evaluation, and forget about it. It's front and center on your dashboard.

Compensation Insights

Track your pay increases and job changes, and benchmark your pay against changes in cost of living.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Build your IDP, strengthen your key competencies/skills with training tasks and due dates. Show your boss what you can do.

Reminders & Notifications

Receive time-based reminders regarding your upcoming Evaluation and Achievements.

Export and Share

Export your Evaluation report to PDF and be interview ready within seconds.

Web Access

Access your account from anywhere, on your mobile device or desktop with our web app.

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