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Track the value you create, polish your skills, show your manager what you want and can do.


Add your achievements and track the value you create. Make conversations with your manager easier and palatable with time-bound results you've already proven you can deliver.

Use Clarify to apply to jobs or to prepare for your upcoming performance review.

Track the value you create

Remember that corporate partnership you closed last quarter? Did you introduce a new brand this year? Did your team rollout a new customer service initiative that drove customer satisfaction up 10%?

Make them SMART achievements

Use the SMART method and turn "Responsible for budgeting" into "Responsible for leading the budgeting process company-wide, valued at $30M in annual revenue"

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Use your list of achievements and apply to jobs directly with Clarify. Companies gain access to your achievements and the results you've already proven you can deliver.

No résumé needed. No application forms to complete. Nada.

It's a whole new way to getting hired.

Your results, matter.

You've built a nice list of things you've done, why not put it to work and use it to get hired?

No need to attempt to convey your results on a résumé that will probably get caught up in HR and Recruiting limbo.

As real-time as it gets.

Because you're updating your achievements with Clarify on an on-going basis, there's no need to keep a résumé updated every few months or couple of years.

I love Clarify! As someone that has been looking for work since January due to company downsizing, I wish I would've had this years ago.

D. Bradford - from Dallas, Texas


Use Clarify to discover and connect with Coaches and Mentors, 100% vetted and trusted by us.

Discover the best voices in professional development, listen to their podcasts, and get career defining hacks, tips and tricks.

Coaches & Mentors

Connect with Coaches and Mentors carefully curated and vetted by us.

Around the Web

Discover hand curated stories from around the web and listen to the best voices in business and professional development.

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Use Clarify to build your own Skills Plan and strengthen your key competencies and skills with training tasks and due dates.

Show your boss what you want and can do and kickstart the conversation on where you want to go.

Explore new Skills

Discover and strengthen a whole new set of skills, build towards a new position or improve your value proposition in your current role.

Make it your own

Choose from over 40 different Skills and Competencies or create your own. Whichever option you choose, you'll be one step ahead of your peers.

It's your career. Own it.

You can start with the basics and grow your career with all of the necessities covered.


Track the value you create. Log your professional achievements, show your boss what you've contributed.


Build your Skills plan, strengthen your key competencies/skills with training tasks and due dates. Show your boss what you can and want to do.


Gain access to Career Coaches and Mentors, discover the best podcasts, and read hand curated stories and tips from around the web.


Get hired by companies looking for the types of Skills and Achievements you've already proven you can deliver.**


Join a community of 300+ professionals from 28 countries already managing their careers on Clarify.

Export and Share

Export all of your Achievements and Skills to PDF and be interview ready within seconds.

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