We're Clarify.

We're building the necessary tools and providing actionable data to help you launch and manage your career.


We empower people in the workplace and facilitate their career development.


We'll create professional growth opportunities and empower people around the world to take control of their careers.


We do not sell your data
You always own your data
Never worry about pesky ads
Delete your data at any time

We know job growth hasn't necessarily translated to wage growth, we want to change that.

We get it, it’s all in the numbers. We’re experiencing record job growth, however our real wages have remained relatively flat. To make matters worse the seemingly never-ending wage gap has yet to narrow and close.

Our Story

Built out of necessity, powered by you.

JC Alvarez

Founder and User #1

What started out as personal frustration with the lack of organizational development initiatives and below market wages with prior employers, has translated my thinking and energy into what today I introduce as, Clarify.

Clarify provides the foundation for launching and managing your career regardless if you're just starting out or you're fifteen years deep in your career. Equipping you with the proper career toolbox is essential to what we do, from achievement journaling to evaluation preparation and individual development plans. Your boss won't be the only one prepared at this year's performance review.

Our mission simply put is to equip you with actionable data and transformational tools to help you launch and manage your career.

We're relentlessly focused on delivering on our mission and ensuring that every single step we take addresses the lack of wage growth and the seemingly never-ending wage gap.

JC Alvarez