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Launching your career isn’t easy, much less managing it.

With day-to-day tasks, life changing events, and ongoing professional changes, it's only too easy to lose sight of your priorities. Take control—measure your pay, achieve your goals, & manage your career.

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Trusted by world class professionals

Professionals at great organizations trust and use Clarify to launch and manage their careers.

Log your achievements, track the value you create.

Did you pick up another $4 million in new business this year? Did you create a killer Excel algorithm for HR analytics? Did you reduce store shrink by 8%?

Be prepared with Clarify at your next Evaluation with a list of achievements that you can discuss with your manager.

You'll be able to quickly and tactfully discuss the areas in which you've created value for your organization.

You're one achievement away from better more fairer pay.

Clarify - Achievements
Clarify - Beat your performance review

Beat your performance review.

Schedule your upcoming interview or performance review, set ongoing meetings, and use our checklist to make sure you’re prepared.

Have you worked on your development plan yet? Waiting for HR to provide you with a career map or plan for development? Don’t wait for HR, be prepared with an Individual Development Plan.

Preparation is key and Clarify has your back.

Lead and own the conversation.

It doesn't matter if this is your first performance review or your umpteenth time at the rodeo.

Use Clarify to log your Achievements, create an IDP, and gain actionable insights and be prepared for your next performance review.

Your manager isn't the only one that should be prepared for this year's Evaluation.

Clarify - Own the conversation

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Unlimited Achievements

Track the value you create. Log your professional achievements, all of them.

Evaluation Scheduling

Schedule your Evaluation, and forget about it. It's front and center on your dashboard.

Compensation Insights

Track your pay increases and job changes, and benchmark your pay against changes in cost of living with Clarify Insights™.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Build your IDP, strengthen your key competencies/skills with training tasks and due dates. Show your boss what you can do.

Reminders & Notifications

Receive time-based reminders regarding your upcoming Evaluation and Achievements.

Export and Share

Export your Evaluation report to PDF and be interview ready within seconds.

Web Access

Access your account from anywhere, on your mobile device or desktop with our web app.

It's your career, invest in it.

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