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With Clarify you can log your achievements and track the value you create, strengthen your skills, and be prepared for your next job interview and performance review. You're in control of your career.

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Your achievements, the value you create.

With Clarify, everything starts with your achievements.

Did you pick up another $4 million in new business last year? Did you create a killer Excel algorithm for HR analytics? Did you lock down a new marketing partnership?

As your list of achievements grows, you can use them to get hired or to beat your upcoming performance review.

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Results and skills you can actually use... to get hired.

You can leverage your growing list of achievements to apply to jobs directly with Clarify. Companies gain access to your achievements and the results you've already proven you can deliver.

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It's a whole new way to getting hired or that promotion you've been after for a while.

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Track the value you create. Log your professional achievements, show your boss what you've contributed.


Build your Skills plan, strengthen your key competencies/skills with training tasks and due dates. Show your boss what you can and want to do.


Gain access to Career Coaches and Mentors, discover the best podcasts, and read hand curated stories and tips from around the web.


Get hired by companies looking for the types of Skills and Achievements you've already proven you can deliver.**


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